It is fair to say that few aspects of your business are as important as your payroll services. These are essential for everything from tracking transactions to ensuring that all of your employees get paid on time to helping you decide what to do with the money you take in as profit.

Here is a quick look at what Experta’s payroll services can do for you.

Bookkeeping vs. Payroll Services

First, it is important to draw a distinction between bookkeeping and payroll services. While the two certainly have overlap, bookkeeping concerns the process of balancing your books, while payroll concerns managing salaries and determining future expenditures.
At Experta, you’ll be able to get trained bookkeepers and accountants to help with both of these.

Payroll Services and STP Single Touch Payrolls

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when trying to tackle payroll services themselves is to overlook Australian regulations pertaining to them. You don’t want to accidentally run afoul of the ATO, which is why you’ll want to place a call to Experta and have your payroll services managed by a trained team of experts. They will make sure that your payroll services are completed in compliance with ATO regulations and STP Single Touch Payrolls.

Creditors and Debtors Management

In addition to traditional payroll services, Experta can also manage your credit and debt situation. This is essential for making sure that you are protected in the event that a source of cash flow defaults on their payments. With the help of a trained expert, you’ll be able to review your current situation and receive advice as to the best course of action.

Affordable Rates

If there is one thing that you deserve when faced with the need for payroll services, it’s to not have that payroll artificially inflated by having to pay outlandish fees to have your payroll calculated and managed. Australia does best when it encourages small businesses to compete, and that can be hard to do when everything from billing to payroll services are made into a nightmare – and an expensive one at that.

That’s why Experta is proud to be able to offer the most competitive rates of any team in the Point Cook and Western Suburbs area. What’s more, their experts will sit down with you and review your particular budgetary needs. With their assistance, you’ll be able to get the payroll services you need at a price you can afford.

Experience on Your Side

When it comes to the people charged with taking a look at your payroll and making suggestions as to how you can make the changes you need to succeed, it’s important to know that you’re dealing with a team you can trust. At Experta, we work daily to earn our customers’ trust. With more than a decade’s worth of experience to our credit and a great track record among clients in Point Cook, Western Suburbs and Melbourne to match, Experta offers the best payroll services in the area.


Payroll services are critical to the day-to-day upkeep of any business, big or small.
Get the small business payroll management services you need with the help of the experts at Experta today.
"Hi Elena We have been very happy with the service you have provided us. We found the training provided by data build did not adequately enable us to use the accounting side of data build to its full potential and were encountering errors when entering data due to lack of knowledge. You have been able to show us areas where we are able to improve to ensure our account reports are more accurate. The training you are providing to our accounts manager also has been extremely useful as it enables her to perform her job to her full potential as she is now understanding the system a lot better."
Lauren Gatt

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