Balancing the books. Unfortunately, as important as keeping your financial affairs in order may be, it can be easier said than done.

Your company’s finances aren’t just a single sheet where a load of numbers line up in neat little rows. Rather, they are a record of your company’s transactional history – and for most companies, big and small, that history can be very complicated. Your business may take part in any number of transactions over the course of a given year, let alone its entire lifespan. You need to have all of them accounted for when it comes to something as important as filing your taxes or applying for a business loan.

That’s why Experta is proud to offer the best bookkeeping services in the Point Cook area.

So, how can they help you balance the books?

Bank Reconciliation

It is vital that the numbers you have in your own books match those kept by the bank. Whenever you have a discrepancy between or question about those numbers, you need to get them resolved as quickly as possible. This is the essence of bank reconciliation, and it’s a vital step for any company to take. With the help of Experta’s experts, you’ll be able to resolve these questions and aid your company’s cash flow.

BAS Services

Business Activity Services are essential for ensuring that your company is registered and in good standing with the ATO. Experta can help you fill out any BAS-related forms and answer any questions you may have regarding the process.

GST Services

If your business has overseas holdings, or imports goods, you may need to pay a Goods and Services Tax. Conversely, your company may be eligible for GTS credits. To find where you stand, and have your situation handled, you’ll want to give an Experta agent a call and schedule an appointment.

Track Your Transactions

It is fair to say that there is no service more important to your business than making sure that you are able to keep track of all your transactions. Not only is this vital for balancing the books, but it’s also necessary for helping you determine what to do with any profits you may have.

High-Tech Solutions

You don’t want your business’s most sensitive financial information left up to human error. That’s why Experta is pleased to boast that they make use of the best bookkeeping software on the market today. This includes QuickBooks and Xero.
What’s more, our founder, Elena Morandini, is a certified E-Tax Local Accountant Member, and is thus able to bring that expertise and insight to bear on our clients’ behalf.

Integrity at Every Turn

When it comes to keeping your books balanced and your company in good standing, nothing is more important than knowing that the bookkeepers assisting you are agents of the utmost integrity.
Call today to have an Experta member set about balancing the books on your behalf with the speed and stress-free service every business owner deserves.
"Elena is our bookkeeper and I approached her for my accounting and bookkeeping services as prior to joining BNI I was on the lookout for a trustworthy accountant to help me with my expenses and tax returns. Elena is efficient and professional. She provided options I had no idea I had. She was able to help me get $5000 back in tax returns. Thank you Elena "
Jerestene Saher
Owner ACN Essential Services

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